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Peugeot Elyseo 125cc, 150cc Immobiliser Bypass CDI, ACI100 4 Stroke 125 ECU

Peugeot Elyseo 125cc, 150cc Immobiliser Bypass CDI, ACI100 4 Stroke 125 ECU

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Peugeot Elyseo 125cc and 150cc Immobilizer Bypass CDI.

4 Stroke Scooters ONLY. Many online sellers are selling the 2 stroke version for the 125cc / 150cc. That will not work correctly! You must buy the 4 stroke version like the one we are selling here, or the engine will not run correctly!

Removes the Factory Fitted Immobilizer System shown in the second picture.

Aftermarket part. Replaces OEM part numbers (for reference only): 740463 , 740224 ,

UK Stock, Fast shipping for all orders. International customers welcome.

Immobilizer Bypass CDI to fit 125cc / 150cc Peugeot Scooters fitted with the ACI100 Immobilizer System. Deactivate your immobilizer!

Replaces OEM part number ACI100 125cc (for reference only, see pictures)

Completely Removes immobilizer!

Fits the following Peugeot Models:

  • Elyseo 125cc
  • Elyseo 150cc
  • ACI100.01 125cc / 150cc
  • ACI100.02 125cc / 150cc
  • ACI100.03 125cc / 150cc

No wires to cut. Simply remove the original CDI (shown in the second picture) and plug this bypass CDI into the 8 pin connector.

NOTE: Once fitted your scooter will not have an immobilizer. Any key that fits the ignition barrel will start the scooter.

Removes requirement for Chip Key.


BRAND: CDI Technology
Peugeot Elyseo 125cc CDI
Peugeot Elyseo 150cc CDI

This CDI will completely remove the immobilizer from your peugeot elyseo scooter. The immobilizer will be removed, completely deactivated. Any key that fits the lock can start the scooter.

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