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Mercedes Metal Alloy Gearbox Stuck In Park Repair Replacement Lever for S Class R230 SL W220 ESM

Mercedes Metal Alloy Gearbox Stuck In Park Repair Replacement Lever for S Class R230 SL W220 ESM

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Is your Mercedes S Class ( R230 ) or SL ( W220 ) gearbox stuck in Park?

This part is often the cause of the problem. The original Mercedes Shift mechanism uses a Plastic Lever to release the shift selector away from the Park Position.

That plastic lever snaps. So, when you press the brake pedal, you still cannot move the gear shifter stick away from park.

This one is made from Aluminium so it won't break. The base of the lever where the rivet goes through is 11mm wide.

This part was not available as a standalone part from Mercedes, only as part of the main gear shift mechanism, so we cannot look it up by part number or Vin number.

It should fit the following cars, but we highly recommend removing the original plastic lever first and comparing it with the pictures first!

Mercedes Benz CL500 2000 Early Version
Mercedes Benz S320 2000 - 2006
Mercedes Benz S350 2000 - 2006
Mercedes Benz S430 2000 - 2006
Mercedes Benz S500 2000 - 2006
Mercedes Benz SL500 2003-2006
Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG 2003-2008
Mercedes Benz SL550 2007-2011
Mercedes Benz SL600 2004-2009
Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG 2009-2011
Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG 2005-2011

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list. This part may well fit many other 2000 - 2006 W220 ,R230, C215 models.
Because this part is not sold on its own by Mercedes, there is no definitive part list available.

Again, check the pictures and dimensions carefully.

Is your Mercedes SL (R230), S Class (W220) or C Class (C215) automatic transmission sticking or stuck in PARK ? The most common cause is this ESM gear shift repair lever. This is the most common 11mm centered lever type.

This page relates to the Common issue with Mercedes Automatic Gearboxes not releasing from the PARK position due to the plastic safety release lever snapping. Normally pressing the brake pedal will actuate a solenoid that moves the Park release lever. If the release lever is snapped, the Gear shifter stick cannot be moved out of the park position.

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