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Honda Dominator CDI Unit, NX650 NX500, XR650L NX250

Honda Dominator CDI Unit, NX650 NX500, XR650L NX250

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CDI Ignition controller compatible Honda Dominator NX650, NX500 and XR650L

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CDI Ignition Control Unit to fit Honda NX650 / NX250 Dominator Motorcycle.

Also suitable for a number of other Honda Models.

This is an aftermarket part, New and Boxed.

Compatible with:

  • Honda NX250
  • Honda NX500
  • Honda NX650
  • Honda XR650L

OEM Part Numbers (for reference purposes only):

  • 30410-MN9-000 ( 30410MN9000 )
  • 30410-MN9-790 ( 30410MN9790 )
  • 30410-MN9-791 ( 30410MN9791 )

Equivalent Arrowhead Part Number (for reference):

  • IHA6047

A Capacitor Discharge Ignition, or CDI, is an electronic ignition device that stores an electrical charge in a capacitor and then discharges it through an ignition coil and spark plug, producing a spark. They are often found in scooters, motorbikes and plant equipment powered by petrol engines.

Sometimes the Honda Dominator CDI is referred to as Electronic Points because it replaces the traditional mechanical points that performed the same task before electronic CDI units were widely available.

CDI units are usually designed to be specific to a particular application, as the spark timing can vary between different motorcycles, and some engines have two cylinders so require two spark outputs. For that reason, it is important to get the correct CDI for your application.

Many CDI units can appear the same externally, but they may be either AC fired or DC fired. Also, even though the connectors may appear the same, they often have a different pin-out configuration.

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