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Bypass CDI ECU for Piaggio X9 X8 125cc 150cc. Removes Immobilizer

Bypass CDI ECU for Piaggio X9 X8 125cc 150cc. Removes Immobilizer

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New Immobilizer Bypass CDI to replace original Piaggio X9 and X8 CDI Unit on 125cc / 150cc 4 Stroke scooters.

Removes immobilizer, replaces factory CDI. You will no longer require a chip key to start your engine.

Suitable for 125cc / 150cc Leader engine X9 and X8 Scooters with a factory fitted immobilizer.

Simply plugs straight in to the existing wiring loom. No wires to cut, no soldering, just plug it in and off you go!

You can change your key and barrel and the scooter will still run.


Replacement CDI Ignition Unit


- X9 125cc (2000 - 2007)
- X8 125cc (2005 - 2008)
- Beverley 125cc (1998 - 2006)

- X9 150cc (2000 - 2007)
- X8 150cc (2005 - 2008)

(not suitable for Fuel Injection models)

Compatible Part Numbers for Reference purposes: 584702 , 486955 , 58051R , 584703 , 486956 , 584701 , 58050R

Piaggio scooters Manufactured from the late 1990s onwards are fitted with a factory immobilizer system. If you do not have a correctly coded key, then you cannot start the engine. Both the Piaggio X9 and X8 125cc and 150cc scooters hare fitted with this immobilizer system. Now these scooters are getting older, original parts are not always available, so if you have a problem with the immobilizer it may often end up with the scooter being parked up, or worse, scrapped!

Installing one of our bypass CDI units removes the original Piaggio immobilizer and and means that any key that fits the ignition barrel can start the motor and allow the scooter to be used again. Probably the easiest and cheapest way to get your Piaggio X9 or X8 scooter back on the road if you have lost the keys or have immobiliser failure.

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