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Aprilia Habana Ignition Barrel Lock Set. Also fits Mojito Custom Retro 50cc 125cc 150cc

Aprilia Habana Ignition Barrel Lock Set. Also fits Mojito Custom Retro 50cc 125cc 150cc

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Aprilia Habana Ignition Barrel Lock Set

Compatible with Aprilia Part number AP8104050.

Complete Ignition Barrel and Key Set to fit the Aprilia Habana / Mojito Scooters.

Quality after market Ignition Barrel Lock Set. 

UK Stock, Fast shipping.

Fits the Aprilia Habana / Mojito 50cc (2004-2008)
Fits the Aprilia Habana / Mojito, Custom / Retro 125cc (1999 – 2001)

This Aprilia Habana Lockset has a 3 Wire Plug and a 1 Wire Plug. Please check yours has the same connectors.

Comes with all fixings and locks.

Suitable for the following Aprilia Scooters:

  • Habana 50cc (2004-2008)
  • Mojito 50cc (2004 – 2008)
  • Habana Custom / Retro 125cc (1999 – 2001)
  • Mojito Custom / Retro 125cc (1999 – 2001)

Quality aftermarket part, new and boxed.

Note: Please check the pictures carefully. There is more than one lockset for the Aprilia Habana / Mojito. Some, like this one have 4 wires, others have only 2 wires. This Aprilia Habana Lock Set has a 3 wire connector and 1 wire connector.

OEM part number for reference only: AP8104050

BRAND: Adessi

What is a Motorcycle Lockset?

The Steering lock set, or ignition switch, is an electro mechanical switch, normally operated by a key, that allows an owner to switch on the electrical and ignition circuits of their motorcycle or scooter. Without the correct key, the lock cannot be operated. Some lock sets include other parts such as the fuel filler cap and seat opening mechanisms.

On bikes fitted with an immobilizer system, the ignition lock may also house an antenna that reads the data from the key. This data is then passed onto the immobilizer system. If the key does not contain the correct data (or code) then the engine cannot be started.

Aprilia Habana Ignition Barrel Lock Set

Some Lock Sets include a Seat Pull feature, that allows the rider to open the seat by twisting the key counter clockwise. This feature means that there is no need for an extra lock barrel in the seat itself.

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