We can remove the immobilizer from the Piaggio X9 and Beverly 500cc scooters

Piaggio X9 / Beverly / Nexus 500cc Immobilizer Removal / Bypass

We can now remove the immobilizer from the older Piaggio X9, Beverly and Nexus scooters with the 500cc Master engine. They use the Magneti Marelli IAW15p ECU which works alongside the IMM006 Immobilizer Box.

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After we have performed the update to your ECU any key that fits the lock can be used to start the engine. The immobilizer function is completely disabled. As always with our immobilizer and replacement key services, proof of ownership will be required.

The  IMM006 immobilizer is a known failure point in the system. It fails, and leaves the bike immobilized even if the correct key is used. Even if you possess the Master Key it will not help you.  The immobilizer system will no longer read any key that you attempt to use.

New parts are no longer available, and even if you can obtain second hand parts, make sure you get an IAW15.p ECU with the matching IMM006.01 immobilizer box AND keys. They are all linked together by the key codes so they cannot just be replaced individually.*

For years when customers have approached us with immobilizer problems on their X9 500 or Piaggio Beverly / Nexus 500cc we have had to turn them away. So many good scooters have been consigned to the scrap heap!

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* In some cases we can reset the ECU and immo box back to their oem virgin state. Please contact us for further details


This content is specific to the Piaggio X9 Evo Evolution 500, Piaggio Beverly 500 and Nexus 500cc scooters that are suffering from immobilizer problems or have lost keys.

Some reference part numbers. This list is not complete so contact us if you are unsure:




IAW15p.E0, IAW15p.E1, IAW15p.E2
IAW15p.E3, IAW15p.E4, IAW15p.E5
IAW15p.E6, IAW15p.E7, IAW15p.E8


BRAND: Piaggio

MANUFACTURER: Magneti Marelli



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